The 3D model of the 310R Redux

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Our 3d modeling outsource studio created the 3D model of the 310R Redux (Wikipedia) for flight simulators like P3D, Xplane and etc. The 3D model has around 300 000 triangles include all modifications, 16 textures of 2k x 2k for the exterior and 15 textures of 2k x 2k for the interior. Fully animated exterior and interior. Has night light textures that use for RealLight. All images were created in Prepar3D.

310R-Redux-006.jpg 310R-Redux-010.jpg 310R-Redux-009.jpg 310R-Redux-008.jpg 310R-Redux-013.jpg 310R-Redux-016.jpg 310R-Redux-007.jpg 310R-Redux-012.jpg 310R-Redux-015.jpg 310R-Redux-011.jpg 310R-Redux-014.jpg
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