Texturing of the FG-1D Corsair

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Our 3d modeling outsource studio created the textures for the FG-1D Corsair (Wikipedia) for flight simulators like P3D, Xplane and etc. The 3D model has 8 textures of 2k x 2k for the exterior and 16 textures of 2k x 2k for the interior. Has night light textures that use for RealLight. All images were created in Prepar3D.

FG1D-001.jpg FG1D-002.jpg FG1D-004.jpg FG1D-005.jpg FG1D-006.jpg FG1D-007.jpg FG1D-003.jpg FG1D-008.jpg FG1D-009.jpg FG1D-012.jpg FG1D-013.jpg FG1D-010.jpg FG1D-014.jpg FG1D-011.jpg
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